April’s shadows

2012 | 52 min | black & white - color | 1.33:1
english, japanese and french without subtitles | stereo

"Things that are useless now but arouse a fond memory of the past."
Sei Shōnagon

Fragments of a journey, fragments of Time, fragments of memories, places, ephemeral moments, images and sounds, faces, useless details…
A descent into the depths of Tokyo’s night, the abstraction of its noises, dancing with its shadows.

→ watch the film through the website Dérives.

※ Special premiere at Uplink Factory, Tokyo, on April 7, 2013.


2014 | 15 min 25 sec | color | 1.77:1 | french, picard

Prelude to a portrait of Jean-Pierre Facquier, ch’l’eintailleu (wood carver) in the Saint-Leu district of Amiens: a free mind self-removed from social determinism, who gives new life to wood through constant dialogue, both with nature and his alter ego, the puppet Lafleur...

Official selection at the 11th FIFMA (International Film Festival for Fine Crafts) in 2018.
Official selection at the 35th FIFAM (Amiens International Film Festival) in 2015.


2017 | 31 min | color - black & white | 1.77:1 | stereo

Sightings of Loren Connors. To graze against the pulsations of time, to feel matter, to linger on the imperceptible frailty of gesture...

※ Official selection at the Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin, Berlin (2019).
※ Official selection at the Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin, Paris (2019).
※ World Premiere at the 28th FID Marseille (2017).


2015 | 4 min | black & white | 1.77:1 | sound | stereo
with Junko Hiroshige

Fragment from a recording session...
to record the moment...

Official selection at the 16th International festival of experimental video Images contre nature (2016).

Of her Kingdom

2019 | 10 min 30 sec | black & white | 1.33:1 | japanese

To evoke the other’s absence, from the vantage point of her Kingdom - disoriented memories, fragmented gestures and sounds, fleeting moments...

※ Official selection at the 10th Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival, Scotland (2020).
※ Official selection at the 4th "The Unforeseen" International Experimental Film Festival, Serbia (2019).
※ World Premiere at the 23rd Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival (2019).

Pretty song

2015 | 30 min | black & white | 1.77:1 | french | stereo

"One evening I sat Beauty on my knees – And I found her bitter – And I reviled her."
Arthur Rimbaud

Fragments from a portrait of Jean-Louis Costes - sincere artist, versatile designer, poet of excess -, a man forever atoning his anguish through singing, performance, drawing and writing...

Screened at the 21st edition of the international film festival Les Écrans Documentaires (2017).
Official selection at the 22nd edition of L’Étrange Festival (2016).
Official selection at the 8th edition of the film festival Partie(s) de Campagne (2015).

Savagely, silence

2016 | 20 min | color - black & white | 1.77:1 | japanese

"The animal looks at us. We are naked before it."
Jacques Derrida

December 21, 2015. The image of a fox was captured by a camera inside the unit 2 building at Fukushima No.1 nuclear power plant...

Special mention at the Tokyo Documentary Film Festival, Japan (2018).
Official selection at the Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin, Berlin (2018).
Official selection at the Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin, Paris (2018).
Official selection at the 15th edition of the international film festival Signes de Nuit (2017).

The other side of the skin

2017 | 31 min | color | 1.33:1 | japanese | stereo

Yuri Ishida imagines dolls and objects, manipulates fibers and fabrics, weaves sounds, caresses space, grazing fragile metamorphoses with her fingertips...

The Peony’s Whisper

2016 | 65 min | color | 1.33:1 | japanese | stereo

"The essential characteristic of the image is its presentness."
Alain Robbe-Grillet

Details from a portrait of Akira Naka, through the otherness of image and speech; broken up memory, fragmented time, reminiscences of places, moments, faces and bodies, during a back-and-forth between the recollections of a child and the aspirations of a man in his fifties...

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Official selection at the 19th Festival Cinéma de la Paix?, Tunisia (2019).
Official selection at the 51st edition of the Sitges Film Festival, Spain (2018).
Official selection at the 5th edition of the Festival du Film de Fesses, Paris (2018).
Special premiere at Uplink Factory, Tokyo, on April 10, 2016.

Yōng lǎn

2019 | 2 min 45 sec | color | 1.33:1 | mandarin | mono

Indolence - in nine pictures.

※ Official selection at the Portland Underground Film Festival, USA (2020).
※ Official selection at La Buissonière Film Festival, France (2019).
※ Official selection at the 15th Curta 8 - Festival Internacional de Cinema Super 8 de Curitiba, Brasil (2019).
※ Official selection at the This is not a robot film festival, Greece (2019).
※ Official selection at the Saigon Experimental Film Festival II, Vietnam (2019).

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