The Peony’s Whisper

2016 | 65 min | color | 1.33:1 | japanese | stereo

"The essential characteristic of the image is its presentness."
Alain Robbe-Grillet

Details from a portrait of Akira Naka, through the otherness of image and speech; broken up memory, fragmented time, reminiscences of places, moments, faces and bodies, during a back-and-forth between the recollections of a child and the aspirations of a man in his fifties...

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Screened at the 19th Festival Cinéma de la Paix?, Tunisia (2019).
Screened at the 51st edition of the Sitges Film Festival, Spain (2018).
Screened at the 5th edition of the Festival du Film de Fesses, Paris (2018).
Special premiere at Uplink Factory, Tokyo, on April 10, 2016.