Vincent Guilbert

Filmmaker born in 1976 in Saint-Denis, France.
Lives and works mainly where he is.
The nineties marked his first video attempts, his interest in stop motion, and an intense practice of Super 8 film. Graduated from the EICAR (Paris) in 1999; assistant professor until 2001, he then created a film production company with two friends, through which he shot various filmic materials, from experimental video sceneries to documentaries.
After a sporadic writing period in various fanzines, co-founded the website Sancho does Asia, then later joined the editorial board of the magazine Mad Asia.

In 2003, co-directed "At the Heart of Algerian Musics" with Thomas Jacquemin, musical triptych shot in the aftermath of the Boumerd├Ęs earthquake.
In 2006 flew to Japan and worked six years for OM Production; alternately assistant-director, director, editor, cameraman, boom operator, set designer, he directed more than 250 documentaries there.
Along with his researches on the texture of the image (either in film or digital), the themes developed through his films are mainly related to Time, memory and the fragment.
An encounter, often fortuitous, is the main trigger to the start of a film.